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How to host a website
how to host a website

Whether you are running your own small business or you simply want your friends and family to have a place where they can easily find you, it’s time to start looking at how to make a website. The website that you make needs to be tailored to your purposes, and you'll find that, as long as you do not need something too fancy, you can create your own website without too much hassle. Whether you want something that is going sell your products or you wish to have something that holds your family pictures, the process is basically going to be the same.

First you are going to need a domain name. A domain name, at the most basic level, is the address of your website. It is what people will type in to get to your website and it should be simple and descriptive. Many people simply use their own name or their business name as their domain name. While this is a very effective if you have a unique name to work with, things get rougher if all the names that you want are already occupied. Think of a few domain names that might work for you, and then run them by friends and family. You never know when they are going to catch something that you have missed.

Get your domain name registered; this typically costs around ten dollars, and it only takes a few minutes. The most popular and recognizable extensions are .com, .net, and .org.

After you have a domain name, get web hosting. A web host is a service that stores your website on the internet, and there are many options to choose from. Choose a web host that has been active for a while, and do not believe claims of unlimited bandwidth. Plenty of minor web hosts try to offer unlimited bandwidth as a draw assuming that you will never use it. Make sure that you know how much bandwidth they offer and what services they are willing to provide. This is something that you can quickly figure out through an investigation of their website. Direct your domain to your web host. There are instructions for this process on your web host.

Finally download a content management system. There are several to choose from, and one free CMS is WordPress. A CMS allows you to customize your website and to create different pages. You can also use the templates provided for the page design, or you can start to create your own pages from scratch. Keep your design simple to start off with; a simple design is much easier to update than you might think. Consider what you like to see when you are going to similar websites and remember that you should always value functionality over design.

When you are putting your webpage together, remember that you should always get other people involved. Periodically ask others to check out what you are doing and consider how people react to the colors and images that you have picked. A website gives you a lot of room when it comes expressing your personality, and a little bit of discretion goes a long way.