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Compare Cloud hosting plans


How to compare cloud hosting plans and select the best for your business

Moving your documents, files and photos to the cloud online is one of the best decision you can make. Storing your important documents safely online takes away the worry of your laptop seizing or your external disk breaking down. Even if your computer is stolen or gets lost, you can still access your photos or documents online through the cloud.

Though moving files to the cloud is easy, with so many cloud hosting plans to choose from with different prices, selecting one can be quite daunting. This article highlights the features to help you compare cloud hosting plans to help you select the best.

File versioning

A hosting plan that support file versioning allows you to edits your files without worry. Your old files do not get overwritten after making the changes, instead, they are saved in different versions meaning that you can retrieve the old copies in future. This is a lifesaver if you need to retrieve important information that you had rewritten. Most cloud hosting plans support file versioning but some will only maintain a limited number of the edited version or even delete the older version after some time.

Check to see how long your plan saves the edited files before deleting them.

Automatic sync

Cloud hosting plans with this feature automatically updates files to reflect any edits made. Not all plans have this feature which can be a problem when you forget to sync your files before going on the business trip. Automatic syncing maintains the data up to date. The best hosting plan should also allow you to schedule a permanent backup to an external drive at specific time intervals.

Collaboration tools

You will want a plan with top notch tools when you want to edit or share files with employees. Collaboration tools allows you to share files with authorized persons on any device in different ways including email and link. The best plan should also keep your data secure, password protected ate different folder levels.

View and edit files from the cloud

Transferring files from one device to another is certainly time consuming, therefore, choose a plan that allows you to access your files at any time wherever you are. Most cloud hosting plans allow users to access and edit files from tablets, computers, smartphones or any other device with internet meaning you can quickly edit and the edits synced across all devices. However, be sure to check before subscribing as they are some plans that require you to download the file, edit then reupload.

Security and file encryption

Security is major concern when selecting a cloud hosting plan. The privacy of your information should never be compromised, therefore, ensure that the plan encrypts your data before leaving your servers. It should also allow you to set password and different levels of access for different employees.

Reliable tech support

For smooth operation of your business, ensure that there are no technical difficulties. The best technical service should respond quickly and always have someone available 24/7. In addition to phone support and email it should offer live chat to help you solve any problems. Take some time to review the features of a cloud hosting plan before subscribing to ensure it is right for you.