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Privacy Policy

Every institution has the obligation to provide abundant information technology resources that incline to benefit all members of the public. These resources embrace frequently accessed programs for instance websites, emails, course management systems, as well as online payment systems in addition to computer systems that can be more specialized within their use besides applications.


This privacy policy relates to all members and users of the information technology (IT) resources that are defined as all the computer or network equipment, facilities, in addition to services made available to the public or users by the organization, and the information stored thereon. The concept of information technology resources incorporates all the company owned as well as operated computers, in addition to software, hardware, plus infrastructure. It further embraces all business services besides programs for example email, online payments, and web pages. As such it also takes account of:

  • Data plus other files, together with automated emails, stored in and located and residing on (provisionally or otherwise) company-owned centrally-maintained systems, departmentally-maintained systems, in additions to company-owned systems and computers.
  • Company information and other folders stored off the company in systems owned andfunctioned by other entities. Hence, these systems can be subject to their terms besides conditions related to the privacy policy and other matters.
  • Information communicated over the company and ResNet networks.
  • Telecommunications (voice and data) traffics from, to, and amid any device labeled above including voicemail.


  • What Data is Available from the Company’s Technology Resources
  • Information You Knowingly Provide
  • You may communicate via the company’s computer resources for various reasons. You can send emails to a work colleague, or even a friend; forward draft documents to co-workers. Accordingly, depending upon the form of any communication the data transmitted as well as available via information technology resources can contain personally identifiable information for instance name, telephone numbers, as well as date of birth, permanent addresses, your social security numbers, and employment information among others
  • Information You May Not Realize You Provide
  • In addition to the types of data referenced above, data can be transmitted as well as recorded (whether you recognize it or not) any given time you use the company’s technology resources as well as only visiting an institution’s website. This data includes nonetheless is not limited to:
    - Internet addresses of the computer you will be using
    - The web pages requested and viewed
    - The network software retrieved
    - The web pages that are referred to by the user to any institutional web page
    - The internet browsers used
    - The dates, time, as well as duration of the browsing activity
    - The accounts accessed
    - The bulk of data stored as well as transferred
  • Your Choices as well as Selecting Your Privacy Predilections
    You can manage the available communications partialities when you become a memberof the company’s relevant Services, by updating your account personal preferences, and, where valid, by selecting the “opt-out” or even unsubscribe mechanism and other means delivered within the communications that you will receive.
  • Data Security
    The company can use different data security procedures intended to guarantee the confidentiality as well as the reliability of your private data.
  • Changes to the Privacy Policy
    If the organization modifies the privacy policy, it ought to post the revised versions, with the updated revision date.