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GoDaddy web hosting review

If You are planning to have your personal website or a business website, the first thing you have to think about is the web hosting. You have to buy a server from a web hosting company to start your site. GoDaddy is such a web hosting provider. They take all the responsibility of the security of you site making it easier for you. You need to read the below content to know about the best facts about GoDaddy with its pricing. An articulation of GoDaddy reviews of the users are also be found below including an overall pros and cons.

It’s reliable

It’s been proven that, GoDaddy is the fastest web hosting server provider in case of loading page. This will ensure that customer do not get agitated with the rounding circle to load a page. It’s often noticed that until the page was open, visitors crossed the tab as they don’t want to waste their time. So making your website faster in loading page, you can attract more traffic.

Security service is strong

There is a facility of site lock for which you have to count $17.88 (price may change) per year (price may change), which is not as valuable as protecting the site from malware. The app will be scanned and it will give your site verification certificate. SiteLock is such amazing that it can scan up to 500 pages of a site and protect them from the malware and other suspicious attacks. In this way, GoDaddy will protect your website ensuring its security.

Easy to use

Control panels of GoDaddy hosted sites are easier to understand and to handle. If you are a Linux user then, you must have felt the neatness in the options of control panel. The options are organized in such a way so that you can get what you are looking for very easily. There is well organized control panel for the windows users as well. Both in Linux and windows the options are easy to find, set and manage.

Uptime otherwise money back guarantee

The authority of GoDaddy is quite confident about their plans and their services. They also bet on their service to uptime the website. You may have been offered a guarantee from the providers of returning the money if you are not satisfied with their uptime service. They are taking the responsibility of 99% uptime. If any less, you are going to have the money back from them.

Although they are such confident, you should not be just depending on their fuss. There are so many people who are using GoDaddy. You can consult with them before you carry on with GoDaddy. It has been seen that not all the users are happy with their uptime service. So many users felt that they need to update and enhance the service.

A monitoring tool was used to check the stability of the site. The tool was set to knock the website after every 15 minutes and report the server holder through email if the site is down or not. Considering the test with the efficient monitoring tool, it’s actually proved that the server is quite stable.

You have to be conscious about the fact as your site’s availability depends on this fact. The more your site remains down, the less customers and visitors are going to find your site. That means a great loss to your business.

Flexible in building e-commerce page

Now it’s easier to build up your own e-commerce page with the same web hosting you have. With GoDaddy you can drop down the options you want and the brand new look of the landing page of your store will be ready. It is the quickest way is to do the job. GoDaddy have done its own part including E-commerce and shopping cart, you just need to do the creation task. May be other hosting sites seemed to be less difficult to create the pages, but you can customize your e-commerce page as you want with GoDaddy.

Reasonable price

You will find GoDaddy as a reasonable pricing web hosting plan which is cheaper than many other web hosting servers. There are several plans that you may select from including shared economic plans, deluxe and ultimate plans. A little more descriptions on the pricing of the server plans are given below here.

GoDaddy Shared and basic hosting

For the basic plans you have to pay only $7.99 (price may change) for a month. For a usual economic plan you have to make a contract on three month package. If you go for the economic plan then it costs $3.99 (price may change) for only one domain. You need to pay a little more to have the shared web server for Linux and Windows. If you are ready to make a commitment for several months or for a year then you can have some discounts from GoDaddy.

Deluxe plans

If you want to pay on monthly basis then you need to sign up for the deluxe plans. It’s more costly than the economic shared plans. You need to count $8.99 (price may change) for the monthly deluxe plan. If you make an agreement of being an annual client then you need to pay only $4.49 (price may change) per month.

Ultimate plans

It’s little bit costlier than the deluxe plan. The price for the monthly deluxe package is $14.99 (price may change) and if it’s an annual agreement then the price drops to $7.49 (price may change). You can save almost half of the amount being an annual customer.

Server Plans you may expect

It’s little bit costlier than the deluxe plan. The price for the monthly deluxe package is $14.99 (price may change) and if it’s an annual agreement then the price drops to $7.49 (price may change). You can save almost half of the amount being an annual customer.
Features & Prices listed might have changed. Please verify in vendor site

GoDaddy basic hosting

The basic hosting of GoDaddy contains 10 GB SSD storing facility with 25000 monthly traffic managing system.

GoDaddy Shared hosting

This economic plan comes with a 100GB storage and unlimited monthly data. You can host one site with this package and can handle 100 email addresses.

GoDaddy Shared hosting

This economic plan comes with a 100GB storage and unlimited monthly data. You can host one site with this package and can handle 100 email addresses.

Deluxe plans

The basic hosting of GoDaddy contains 15 GB SSD storing facility with 100000 monthly traffic managing system. You get the bonus of SEO plug-in with this plan

Ultimate plans

The ultimate hosting of GoDaddy contains 30 GB SSD storing facility with 400000 monthly traffic managing system. You site will be able to scan malware virus and can remove itself. You can host two sites with one plan. If you pay a little more like $24.99 (price may change) a month, then you can have 50 GB SSD storing facility with 800000 monthly traffic managing system and can host five sites.

GoDaddy dedicated hosting

It comes for both Linux and windows based configurations. Your server will have 16GB more Ram than the HostHator. The server of GoDaddy will provide 32 GB RAM and 20 TB data transferring facility per month and 1.5 TB memory storages. GoDaddy may not be the first choice of the PCMag editor as a dedicated server but its data offering is really greater than others.

GoDaddy VPS hosting

There are so many web hoetings who offers VPS hosting. You must have heard the name of Hostwings, who offers unlimited data on VPS hosting. Well, GoDaddy may not be the award winning hosting but it’s powerful than the shared web hosting and cheaper than the dedicated plans. It comes for both Linux and windows based servers. You will get unlimited domains and email a just $19.99 (price may change) per month.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting

GoDaddy also provides a new version of WordPress hosting. GoDaddy is ready with its lots of plug-ins s and themes for you, once you sign up with the hosting. The WordPress s Linux based here. Your software will be updated at night without your efforts and they will be backed up as well. The advantage is that GoDaddy does not want for CMS installation. It’s been already installed there. Now creating posts and galleries is more convenient and easy for the users with WordPress.

Emails are not always free

Emails accounts are almost free with all the plans accept the dedicated plans. There are some values of the email in this plan. There are three types of email packages in GoDaddy dedicated hosting plans. To avoid all the steps to select a suitable email package, you just need to go for a hosting plan which includes emails.

Email Essentials

If you select the email essential plan the there are 5GB email storage data with contacts syncing ready for you. You will also get a cross device calendar as a bonus with a price of $4.99 (price may change) a month if it’s a monthly package or $3.99 (price may change) per month if it’s an annual one.

Business Essentials

In this package you will get are 50GB email storage data and the OneDrive storage data is increased up to 1Tb with this plan. You can made online conference through Word and Excel at a price of $9.99 (price may change) a month if it’s a monthly package or $7.49 (price may change) per month if it’s an annual one.

Productivity plus

This package gives you the freedom of handling the emails in the Microsoft office mobile apps at a price of $14.99 (price may change) a month if it’s a monthly package or $7.49 (price may change) per month if it’s an annual one.

Helping hand for the customers

There are lots of customer care people over there to help you about any issue with GoDaddy. They always give a prompt reply. They try to reply in an easy manner which would be understandable for the general users. There are call and chat options for the customers. You can go on a live chat option to get help at the right moment. They are well mannered and always try to help and make people be happy with their service. You will find your problems solved almost every time you contact them. If you wish then you can go on an advance level of service. You can go for the extensive help section from your website. Here you can find out what are the problems that other people are facing and also if there is any matched solved problem. Thus you can save your time to get reply from the customer care as they might be busy sometime.

GoDaddy - Pro’s and con’s

Everything in the world comes with Pro’s and con’s so as GoDaddy webhosting. Here are given some of those:

Pro’s of GoDaddy

  • Reliable security and stable uptime
  • Good customer care support can be expected for 24/7.
  • It Comes with Word press
  • It’s suitable for Linux and Windows.

Con’s of GoDaddy

  • The lower facility of having monthly packages makes it difficult to experiment with it.
  • You need to pay for email sometimes for some certain packages.
  • Not so many emails are supported with some packages.

Customers review

Customers reviews are mostly seen on some certain topics such as price, software installed, ease of handling, tech support, uptime of the website and important features. It’s often seen that the customers are quite happy with the support and features and value. But the complaint with the uptime is almost always there. But you must have to say that, so many features with such a low price are hardly found. The hosting plans and options are user friendly, which is agreed by the large portion of the users. There were also complaints with the software installed. From the user reviews it’s been seen that most of them are recommending GoDaddy web hosting server for its price. Though sever users have commented that they have not found the server user-friendly at all. But in my opinion, it’s quite good stuff at such a low price. Still considering user’s review and rated stars you can give it a 4.2 web hosting server.