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HostGator web hosting review

HostGator is a web hosting company based in Houston; they also provide shared, reseller, virtual private server services. The company was founded by Brent Oxley in 2002, by then he was a still a student at Florida Atlantic University. In 2012 HostGator was bought by Endurance International Group which also owns for $225 million but they still trade as HostGator; Endurance International Group also owns many other web hosting providers. With over 13 years in operation has grown and today it has over 450,000 customers and hosts over 9 million domains. The company has won multiple awards for their quality hosting and support services they offer to bloggers, Joomla, WordPress and many other services; HostGator has won the best reseller hosting award, Editor’s choice award, Best Shared Host of the Year Award in 2013 and the company was listed as the web host of the year in 2007.

HostGator has established itself as the leader in web hosting and related services, if you are new to hosting, you want to change your host or even starting on a new site at HostGator you will get the best services that will guide your online business to success. Their excellence in several other areas such as customer support, shared hosting, flexible hosting plans, uptime and so much more has made them a well-recognized and trusted web host world over.

Over its years of operation HostGator has grown tremendously with a strong customer base world over. They have offices in Ontario Canada, Rio de Janeiro Brazil and the new office in Karnataka India.

Below are some of the hosting services offered by Hostgator. Please note that the prices and plan features mentioned below might have changed. Please verify in vendor website.

HostGator Shared hosting

this hosting service is offered by VPS and dedicated servers which are designed to meet the different demands of the different customers. The shared hosting is offered to both Linux and Window based clients. There are different plans in the shared hosting service; they are the Hatchling, Baby and Business plans. All these shared hosting plans offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The HostGator Shared Hosting plans offer the best platform for small and medium businesses to grow.

Hatchling plan

The Hatchling plan which goes for only $10.95 per month offer support domain and other applications such as e-commerce platforms and content management coupled up with unlimited disk space and bandwidth this plan will offer a platform for unlimited applications and services.

Baby plan

The Baby plan which goes for $11.95 adds a new dimension of unlimited domains to the baby plan; these unlimited domains will be beneficial to you especially if you are building your site for marketing and business purposes because it will you a wide range of products and services which will give you enough room for the numerous products and services that your business offers. Multiple domains have the effect of increasing traffic to your website, with this high volume of traffic you will be better suited to launch and run successful marketing campaigns which will in-turn increase revenue and earnings.

Business plan

The Business plan goes for $16.95 and on top of the features offered by baby plan this plan includes high end options such as a toll-free phone number and a private secure socket layer (SSL) certificate. The SSL will add a security measure to your website if you will handle payments and/or other sensitive information from your customers. This will allow for safe transmission of information by your customers by making it hard for hackers and identity thieves to access the sensitive information. SSL is requirement for websites that are using e-commerce software with online banking and payment portals for them to be PCI compliant thus being considered safe enough to handle and store sensitive information.

HostGator through its shared hosting plans offers the best hosting services that will suit your website needs at a very friendly cost. Changing from one plan to another is easy and it will be done by the competent the personnel at HostGator.

HostGator VPS hosting

HostaGator offers Linux-based Virtual Private Server Packages from $19.95 per month. The VPS hosting is designed to equip your site with more power to handle high traffic volumes without a breakdown, this hosting also offers specific compliance requirements that prevent you from using shared servers without paying dedicated server prices. The HostGator VPS allows you complete control and the ability to install advanced software that you want to add to your hosting so as to achieve the desired results you in mind.

The VPS hoisting will be upgraded regularly to cater for the growing needs of your website. With the powerful cutting edge hardware that supports the VPS hosting the quality of service is guaranteed; the HostGator VPS servers utilize 32-Core AMD Opteron 6376 processors, RAM of 128GB and 3.6TB RAID 10 storage.

The VPS Hosting acts as the perfect bridge between dedicated servers and shared hosting. With this aspect VPS plans can be completely customizes to meet the specific hosting for your site. With this ability of continual upgrade you will have a great peace of mind knowing that the growth of your business is being catered for.

The HostGator VPS server has the following features: Full Root Access CentOS Linux which is compatible with both the 64-bit and 32-bit systems, secured VPS with free IPT Tables Firewall, certified safe harbour, it supports MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and FFMpeg and has seamless kernel upgrades utilizing KSplice Uptrack. With each plan you will choose you will get free SiteBuilder website building tool, 4,500 free website templates, free website transfer, domain transfer, MySQL transfer and script transfer. You will also get 52 free scripts which will be easily instantly on your account and a free reseller club domain reseller account.

HostGator offer two plans for VPS hosting; the fully-managed plan and the semi-managed plan. With the fully managed plan you will get all the assistance you will need from the HostGator professionals ranging from configuration requests outside of custom software and script installations but with the semi-managed plan does not include a hosting control panel but you will get HostGator assistance on hardware, operating system and basic configuration issues.

HostGator dedicated hosting

if your site has more power requirements that shared servers cannot meet you can get yourself the HostGator dedicated sever hosting; the dedicated servers can be customized to meet your huge power demands, this hosting offer for up to 25TB of monthly data transfers with storage of 1TB and a RAM of up to 16GB. These dedicated servers will handle the high traffic to your website. Dedicated server hosting offer custom configuration, installation and overall flexibility which is backed by the HostGator support. The dedicate server comes with tools such as the application installers, website building tools and the hosting control panel that will offer you with the necessary tools that will enable you to optimize the hosting experience that will suit you and your visitors and clients. Dedicated server hosting gives you a complete control over your hosting environment. The dedicated servers have the following features: CentOS Linux with Full Root Access compatible with 64-bit systems and 32-bit as well, a cPanel with WHM control panel which will grant you the necessary control tools, Apache Web Server, MySQL, Python, Ruby, PHP , FFMpeg support and it is secured with IP Tables Firewall.

Dedicated servers are applied according to your website’s needs and it is the same for both windows hosting and Linux hosting but the software is different for the two operating systems. The basic dedicated server plan starts from $174 per month. Dedicated servers offer the best performance and it is designed to deliver your website to every visitor as quickly as possible.

HostGator WordPress hosting

HostGator offers a very dynamic and an easy to use WordPress hosting. In this type of hosting, HostGator allows you to install the WordPress content management system (CMS) onto specific servers. Apart from this plan HostGator WorPress hosting comes in three more plans of managed Wordpress Web hosting and they are: Starter, Standard and the Business plan. All these plans with relevant assistance on various aspects of your WordPress site such as page coaching, you will also get a very optimized WordPress hosting environment.

Starter plan

Starter plan goes for $ 14.95 per month, it offers for 25,000 visits for a month. It has the ability to hoist just one WordPress website and storage of up to 50GB. Unlimited mail is another offer that accompanies this plan.

Standard plan

The standard plan goes for $20.95 per month. With this plan you can hoist two WordPress websites; the storage capacity is increased to 150GB of disk space. This plan allows for up to 200,000 visits per month.

Business plan

The business plan goes for $31.95 per month. This plan offers for 500,000 visits per month. With this plan you can host up to five WordPress sites and you will have the added advantage of unlimited storage.

It is easy to set up a WordPress site in HostGator WordPress hosting, but if you will find any problem in setting up your site do not worry, HostGator offers multiple tools in the customer portal that will guide you through the process. The WP-Super-Cache WordPress Plug-in that is automatically installed by HostGator helps optimize and improve the performance of your site. The testing for the functionality of your WordPress site is fairly simple as the database is already there.

HostGator - Pro’s and con’s

Below are some of the pro's and con's of HostGator web hosting

Pro’s of HostGator

  • One of the world's leading hosting providers
  • Available variety of featured-packed hosting plans are offered.
  • Useful Weebly site-building software.
  • Good and prompt customer support.
  • Moneyback guarantee

Con’s of HostGator

  • They are not the cheapest but when you compare the quality of service they are one of the best
  • They don't have VPS hosting for Windows

Customer reviews on HostGator

The hosting services offered by Hostgator have received criticism that greatly outweighs the amount of praises. The extent to which customers are satisfied has been reflected by a number of positive comments and star ratings. Most customers have considered Hostgator as the best Hoster they have worked With

Robert Nicpon says
Robert Nicpon
blog face
Robert Nicpon has used Hostgator in 15 years and confesses that he has not undergone any disappointment with the Hoster. Any issues he had, either during the day or night, they always answered their phone with an eagerness to help you. “I cannot say enough about them in the time allotted here, but if you are on the fence, get them... they're cheap enough to walk away from in the event you're not happy but, I recommend them highly”
Alex explains
Alex Avery
blog face
Hostgator has won more recommendations from most professional web designers, especially the reseller package offered. “As a professional web developer, I used HostGator for several years and I strongly advise it to everybody who is searching for a hassle free, reliable web hosting. Cheap price, great uptime and very helpful staff. Thanks HostGator!”
Kalpesh Patel says about his experience
Kalpesh Patel
blog face
Many customers have switched over to HostGator. The quick uploads and downloads, great packages, and the fast and warm customer support has been the core of influence. Problems are promptly solved upon contacting the support team. According to most customers, there has never been any down time of any of their sites and whenever they need technical support they have been nothing but courteous and quick to help. “…I would highly recommend Host Gator to anyone as an inexpensive, easy to use, easy to maintain web hosting site”
Charles writes.
Charles Robert
blog face
“Their uptime is amazing, the customer support will often go outside the scope of support to try and fix an issue I have, never had an issue with them refunding my money on time for space I didn't end up needing, all in all its a great company”
Laurie confesses..
Laurie Nicole
blog face
“I have a total of 12 websites hosted on a single Baby Gator account. The service has been excellent, and I haven't suffered from downtime… I highly recommend HostGator, and have 8 years' of experience to back-up my recommendation”,
Andy suggests..
Andy Gordon
blog face
Hostgator services are not overpriced. They basically are in line with other company out there. I have had excellent support and 100% uptime using hostgator. I also used this hostgator coupon boogiewoogie and I got my first months hosting for 1 cent”, says Andy. According to Gordon, one of Hostgator customers, if you are looking for a web hosting at reasonable price then you must try HostGator Baby Plan as this plan allows you to host unlimited websites at no any extra cost with unlimited space and emails.
Greg Holcomb says..
Greg Holcomb
blog face
Hostgator has up to date techniology versions that its customers would like to use at fair costs. There are lots of videos and tutorials for learning. “They have always had the technologies I have wanted in a version that is fairly up-to-date. There is of course, a small learning curve associated with their user-interface (as there is with any such thing) but they make it very easy to get through (lots of video tutorials and such)”, Greg Holcomb says.